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children AI.
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Who are we

Artificial intelligence machine learning platform for children

This is an AI-focus course which is based on STEM project. Machine learning is used to Impart concepts and Application to children for perfectly implementing modern AI technology.

pioneering platform for children

Joint-R&D by Princeton Technology Company

professional team

Unique curriculum conception

Curriculum system is professional and complete which consists of four parts: AI/ML, Math, Programming, Robotics, and combined with three auxiliary teaching modes: Competition Prep, Workshop and Summer Camp. These forms professional, complete course system.

The core of courses

The core of Thinkland AI lies in the encapsulation of artificial intelligence/machine learning technology which is professional and difficult. the operation interface and course content are redesign and integration so that the difficulty of course system built step by step and the AI knowledge is effectively transmitted.

Dissimilitude with other courses

The courses of Thinkland including but not limited to children programing which is the foundation of learning, not the result.

Characteristics of the courses

First in U.S. and perhaps the
world to introduce AI/ML to K-12 kids

Students learn to build applications
and games enabled by AI in its true sense

Systematic training to infuse problem solving
skills with software and hardware solutions

Hands-on curriculum designed from
primers to in-depth introductions